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Arrangements for Academic Guidance

The College of Polytechnics Jihlava provides support to students on a range of matters concerned with life as a student, from facilitating a smooth transition into and through their academic life, to follow-up studies or working life.

The Study Department provides students with information and support concerning studies and scholarships, The Student Support Centre helps in difficult study, life and social situations and provides career guidance and employment support services.

New students are encouraged to participate in an orientation week where they get information about the structure of the College, about its rules and regulations, information system, departments, degree programmes, support and services. Detailed information can be found in the Student Guide for the current year.  Welcome days are held for incoming exchange students.

Course tutors and individual teachers are there to advise and support students in case of academic problems. Conditions concerning placements are dealt within collaboration with placement tutors and placement administrators at each of the departments. When planning a study stay abroad students are advised by the International Office, Study Department and departmental mobility coordinators.