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General Registration Procedures

Application process

The specific admission requirements for individual programmes for the next academic year, including the content, fees and deadlines are announced by 31 December.

Applicants who meet the requirements receive a letter of  (conditional) admission. They are admitted to studies conditionally until they present their secondary school diploma (maturitní vysvědčení) or its officially certified copy. Only then, can accepted candidates be fully matriculated.

Graduates from foreign secondary schools have to submit a certificate issued by the Czech school authorities recognizing the equivalence / the validity of the foreign diploma . Only then, can accepted candidates be fully matriculated.


An acceptable candidate becomes a student on the day of his/her registration to studies.The registration done, according to the academic calendar, has to be an in-person registration or through an authorised person.

Pre-registration and registration of courses are done through the information system (IS) according to the academic calendar for a given academic year.

Candidates who take the secondary school leaving examination in August/September and obtain their secondary school diploma only in September will register at later dates, usually before the semester starts.

The registration of international students who successfully meet all admission requirements follows immediately after the admission process is finished or other agreed dates.