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Learning Facilities

The College of Polytechnics Jihlava resides in a historical building which is adapted for HEI studies of all accredited degree programmes.

The Central library is an HEI library with a specialized library collection. Library services are available not only for students and staff but also for the public. There are lending, reference, reprographic, research and services for the users.

In the library area there are study places and it is also possible to use computers with access to the internet. The Library has 2 areas with free selection. Part of the free selection collection is located in the Foreign language library, another part is located in the Central library which is connected with a study room.

The newly established laboratory at the Department of Technical Studies is a laboratory of signal and multimedia processing which is intended especially for research work of academic staff in the field of signal processing, multimedia, biomedical engineering etc. There are other laboratories such as robotic laboratory, laboratory of computer control systems, laboratory of automatization and microprocessor technique etc.

The Department of Health Care Studies has 2 fully equipped classrooms with technology simulating a hospital room and a delivery room. The modern delivery model acquired in 2013 is the only one in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The wireless network covers more than 90 % of the college building.