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Medical Facilities

Citizens of the Czech Republic and foreign students with permanent residence
Both Czech citizens and international students with a permanent residency status are covered by the public health insurance system.

International students

Students from the EU, EEA and Switzerland who are holders of the European health insurance card and do not have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic are entitled to the provision of necessary and urgent health care. For other cases it is recommended to arrange a supplementary travel health insurance.

Students from non-EU countries must arrange commercial insurance according to the legal regulations of the Czech Republic.

Medical facilities:

Hospital Jihlava, Vrchlického 59, 586 33 Jihlava

Emergency for adults, Vrchlického 59, Jihlava, +420 567 157 376

Dentist emergency, has no permanent address.

Dentist emergency service in Jihlava district is provided by the individual stomatologists.

Updated schedule of stomatologist service you can find here, phone number for more information +420 567 157 211.